we all love

ancona ducks

And we are dedicated to the traditional genetic diversity of this heritage breed.

"The small gene pool needs all colors. That’s one reason why we never standardized them. We knew as soon as people want it exact, then it will ruin the breed because you’ll throw out such a large portion of the birds. Your gene pool is so small anyway. You’ll run them into the ground genetically . . ."

Dave Holderread

Waterfowl Expert

Current Genetic Controversy

There is some controversy over the recent socialization about an alleged, proposed application to standardize Ancona Ducks.

Standardization typically requires that all ducks come out the same and that you choose one egg color as the standard. Followers of the initiative are encouraged to breed black feather color and white egg color. All other other features are culled or not included in the breeding program.

We are in love with the diversity of the heterozygous genetics and we subscribe to the Dave Holderread guidelines, meaning that we believe that the ducks should be allowed to maintain their genetic diversity and varied scattered pattern in each bird. Even if the scattered pattern is accepted, there are other characteristics that we feel are being “bred out” of the breed and we do not want to lose that or any of the other genetics due to large-scale inbreeding.

If you want guidance on adhering to the Dave Holderread guidelines, or learning more about who he is and the work he has done, please check out our Resources page.