Holderread Waterfowl Farm and Preservation Center

Dave Holderread has 6 decades of experience with waterfowl and Ancona Ducks. We consider him the ultimate expert. His preservation center no longer sells to the public.




James Beard Foundation – Ancona Preservation History



Article about the history of Ancona including Dave Holderread’s efforts.






Nantahala Farms – Ancona Color Genetics



Nantahala Farms no longer sells to the public, but Nancy’s page is a wealth of info on the color genetics of Ancona Ducks. She has also transcribed Dave’s audio recordings and is also a member here at NA-ADA.






The *ONLY* Facebook Group committed to Ancona Conservation: Heritage Ancona Ducks



This is the group we recommend for all your questions about Heritage Ancona Ducks. We do not run this group, but it is the only one that adheres to the diversity in the Dave Holderread guidelines. It is currently run by Shae, also a member here.




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